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Carrie is usually shy and quiet but, when she walks into the lobby and sees the fish tank, her eyes light up. The fish tank was a gift from Cottage Parents Dave and Mary Egan. Carrie has adopted the fish tank as her own. Pop Egan is passionate about the tank.

He hoped it would bring some joy and understanding of aquaculture to the kids at the Ranches. The day the Egans and their kids relocated the tank from their home to the campus, he found a sidekick in Carrie. Little did he know that Carrie would develop a passion for the tank to rival his own enthusiasm. She asked questions and began a fish journal, taking notes as they worked on setting up the tank. She joined Pop Egan each day as he tended the tank.

He gave her some recommended reading and she read everything straight through. Most days, Carrie has visited the tank before Mr. Egan. She is usually ready with thoughts and comments about the care of the tank and the fish. When he took some time off, Mr. Egan knew the tank would be in good hands with Carrie. When she arrives home each day, Carrie tends to the tank. “You have to feed (the fish) kelp so they keep their color. It also has a lot of vitamins, which keep them healthy,” she says. 

Pop Egan is so proud of Carrie. “She has a notebook where she makes notes and journals about the fish,” he said. “Carrie is very in tune with the tank and what is happening in it. She has named all the fish.”

Carrie’s knowledge of the fish, their environment and what is best for them is amazing. She hopes to be a veterinarian one day. Her compassion becomes even more apparent when she talks about Hopper, the trigger fish. “He is very shy,” she says. “When we first put him in the tank, he went into the rocks and wouldn’t come out. He almost died. I would come to the tank every day and try and get him to come out and eat. Eventually he did. Now he recognizes me and he comes to the side of the tank to see me.” 

Just like Carrie’s care and compassion allowed the fish to bloom, our staff are excited to see the same kinds of growth in the boys and girls we serve. We thank you our donors for enabling us to provide a home, care and compassion that allows boys and girls to grow and bloom.